Presenting to SeaLife staff


On 8th February we had an official meeting with the guys from SeaLife – Josh and one of the managers. We each had to deliver a short 2 minute presentation on the work we plan to submit in the exhibition there in April. We provided some tea and coffee for the meeting and had support from Marcus Lord on the day (he took the photos!)


The SeaLife team were really impressed with what we had shown them and asked plenty of questions to get a full idea of the work, because it is sometimes difficult just by looking at a photo. Everyone seems to have taken it down a different route which is good. There will be a mix of installation, sculpture, fashion and jewellery. Here is Sam’s work…he plans to make a cast of his own face and have plastic bags coming from the mouth to indicate that plastic is now ending up in the food that we eat.


I am going to be using my ghost gear as the forefront of my work at SeaLife. I have varying lengths of rope, which I am still in the process of collecting, which I want to install in the space. I am testing this out next week at Uni in a pop up exhibition. There will also be fishing rope bracelets available for people to purchase, with a percentage going to a conservation charity. I want to involve younger kids that may be at the exhibition – I thought about creating a puzzle for them. “Free the turtle from this tangled mass of rope” perhaps. I’ll get back to you on that…


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