Crosby Beach Clean

‘Another Place’ – Anthony Gormley

We had a lovely day last weekend down on Crosby beach in Liverpool – my first time there in general, so I enjoyed seeing the Anthony Gormley sculptures too! As you can see the weather was perfect for a slow wander down the beach (which is pretty big) picking up all the litter we could along the way. Niamh and I had set up the event on Facebook but as usual, only a small percentage of the “invited” list came which left us with a nice little group of family and friends  – and my dog!

Unfortunately, the day before, another group had been on the beach cleaning up, so when we arrived the initial thought was, “Oh no – our work is already done!” But actually, there was still plenty to be found, which says a lot about the problem that faces us. I was looking mostly for fishing rope, lines or nets, but interestingly there didn’t seem to be much of this compared to Hell’s Mouth in Wales. Above, shows a huge long piece I did find which was really weirdly placed in a straight line, as though it was waiting for me…

Crosby cleaners

I noticed there was a lot of just general rubbish: crisp packets, bottles, bags, that kind of thing. Niamh was finding all my fishing rope for me! It wasn’t until we got much further down the beach that we started to find the big stuff. A huge pile of dumped house bricks, which I assume were put there to protect the shore against rough seas, were harbouring loads of litter. Big plastic bits, rubber tubes, old shoes and yes, even a piece of a child’s plastic oven complete with plastic pasty.

Niamh found a plastic oven

We were about 2 hours in now and due to the long drive home, me and my Dad had to head back to the car. It was a long walk especially with our bagfuls of loot. I was pleased that we managed to get some stuff with the help of everyone else and hopefully it will spur us on further with our projects. I have to say, the Anthony Gormley sculptures moved me more than I thought they would…they are really quite spooky just standing so spaced out along the beach staring passively out to sea. It might be something I think about in the next part of my project.



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