SeaLife Meeting & Our Upcoming Beach Clean

Yesterday we had a meeting with Alyson in the studios to just touch base after last week’s canal clean and confirm what we are thinking of creating for the SeaLife exhibition. Only a few of us turned up, but I think everyone seemed to have a loose idea of what they wanted to do. Since this is a collaboration with fine artists, I think there will be a lot of sculptural work and maybe some painting involved. I think there should be some discussion in the way materials are presented (and manipulated) because I think the environmental issues should be at the forefront of the exhibition.

I have just started making bracelets from discarded fishing rope that I collected on Hell’s Mouth beach, so this is what I hope to continue for the exhibition. I want there to be a narrative alongside the bracelets, information on where they are from, what they do to the environment and how I made them. We have been assured that we can use SeaLife’s little interactive screens if we need them. I will explain more about the bracelets in a separate post as I have only made 2 so far!

Next week we are doing a practice run through our presentations of our work which we have to present to Josh and his boss from SeaLife on 8th February.

In addition to this, myself and Niamh are hosting a beach clean on February 5th at Crosby beach. We have made it an official event on Facebook and invited nearly 200 people (hope they don’t all turn up) so with some luck we’ll get lots of materials from this. It will be good to get lots of people involved and show them that beach cleaning is actually quite fun!

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 13.49.59.png


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