First Post on Plans for SeaLife exhibition

In the Spring, myself and a few other MSoA students will have the opportunity to exhibit some work at the SeaLife Centre at Intu Trafford. The project is looking to communicate the issue of marine litter and ocean pollution and the threats our sea creatures face. This will be displayed in a suitable space inside the SeaLife centre with plenty of leeway to suspend things etc.

Alyson Olson is the studio demonstrator for Fine Art at MMU and last week we met with her to discuss our initial ideas. I had missed the trip to view the space the week before so I wasn’t completely sure what our limits would be. Alyson has given us a map of the centre now, which features cool areas such as the octopus hideout. We looked at a couple of interesting books in the meeting – I had found an artist called Pam Longobardi, who uses the scale of her found beach objects to create stunning displays and sculptural works.

A few of the other students seemed surprised by the amount of fishing rope I had collected myself, so I’m assuming they aren’t using materials directly from the beach for their practices. Myself and Niamh have been working closely with bagfuls of debris and personally, I am not looking to create “art” so this is why it will be interesting for IArts to work alongside Fine Art. There were a few ideas to work with materials in quite a literal way, i.e sculpting them into fish, but I don’t think this would work for me.

I have lots of things to think about before the start of next term – at the moment I’m working on my essay so this project has taken a backseat but I have visited the centre during the Christmas break. We need to have tried and tested ideas to present to the SeaLife team at the end of January, plus a canal dredge with them on the 19th!



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