Photographic Experiments

I decided I would photograph specific parts of my beach litter. I think although a lot of it is plastic, organising it into object categories helps you see exactly what you have.

During my research, I have seen lots of striking images, whether it is from charities like Surfers Against Sewage or just individuals passionate about this subject. A photograph can make a great basis for a message or campaign but it needs to be clear to people. I went into the daylight studio at Uni and started laying certain parts of my litter out to photograph with a backlight.



I think these are quite hard, cold photos which fits quite well with it being plastic – a cold hard material. I edited them using Fotor, which isn’t a very complex software but it allowed me to adjust the exposure and sharpen the colours. I like the way the plastic hand doesn’t let any light through but the seahorse does, which creates a contrast. The neon bucket appears to be floating too!


 I had been thinking of text to go with certain objects for awhile, something short and sharp that might draw people in. It’s good that you can see the objects have been retrieved from somewhere else, e.g there is still remnants of sand on them. It takes me ages to find a font I am happy with, and I think it can make or break a poster/advert/campaign.


At this point I suppose I am focusing on the aesthetic of the image with words but this is my way of visualising a serious issue using my own found objects.


Unintentional, but I think the cigarette lighters nearly resemble a shoal of fish and the more transparent ones really stand out.


I am not sure whether the text works that well with this one but I had to include it as it was one of my favourite finds from the beach! It is a tiny work bench with tools. Weird or what?


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