Ghost Gear on Hell’s Mouth beach

Around 3pm. About 20 or so surfers were in the sea.

Last weekend I made a little trip to Hell’s Mouth beach, near Abersoch in North Wales. It is located on a beautiful part of the Llŷn Peninsula, known for surfing and rough seas which bring ashore a lot of litter. The reason behind its name is due to the semicircular “open-mouthed” shape of the beach, making it a perfect place for litter to end up. There have been many fatal shipwrecks at Porth Neigwl over the years.

I have many fond memories of this area and have been going there since I was about 2 or 3. It upsets me to see so much litter there, but I have to say that years ago there seemed to be much more. I think it often depends on how stormy it has been or whether people have been to pick any of it up. This weekend I wanted to focus on the one thing I was seeing a lot of and this was fishing nets, ropes and lines. There was of course other things too:

Large chunk of foam
Some plastic and the afore mentioned fishing rope
A full(!) packet of tissues

“Ghost gear” is another name for ropes, nets and lines which continue to catch marine animals whilst floating through the water. It is extremely durable and cannot be bitten through by animals. A lot of fishermen cut it and drop it overboard when they no longer need it on the boat. I did some research on how it can be reused or recycled and found an interesting site called ‘Bureo’ who make skateboards from nets.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 16.35.11.png

See my next post for a video and how I used my collection of ghost gear.



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