Beach Clean at Kinmel Bay & Towyn

Last week myself and two of my coursemates went to one of the closest Welsh beaches to Manchester, located near to Rhyl (North Wales). I had never been to Kinmel Bay / Towyn beach before so I had no idea what the current litter situation would be like. We actually struggled to find the beach at first, it’s barely visible behind all the caravan parks! As expected it was a typical seaside holiday town.

Air Ambulance helicopter from Bangor landed near us

At first we walked along the sandy part of the beach, the tide was out so there was plenty of space, but not a great deal of litter. The tide had created a bank of shingle at the top of the beach so we decided to walk along this instead and immediately found more litter. The worst offenders were bottle tops, tiny blue straws and broken kids beach toys. All of these things can be found in nearby amusement arcades, shops and cafes.

A bit of a strange find – a tiny workbench with tools!

In about an hour and a half we had 2 bin bags of rubbish and a smaller bag, full of everything from stray shoes, cigarette lighters, empty pill packets and plastic bottles. There was also some broken cans that were so rusty and flimsy that they had to have been in the environment for years. A few people watched us collecting this stuff, some were confused, others were interested.

My next post will show more of what we found in detail. I think it’s fair to say that the type of litter can depend on the type of place or town nearby. The fun, old-fashioned seaside type area we were in meant that a lot of colourful, mass-produced plastic toys were seen, as well as lollipop sticks and straws for kids drinks. Instead of re-using buckets and spades, people buy them for the day or weekend for convenience and then discard them, simply because they are ten-a-penny nowadays.



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